Managing your finances is easy with a Sun East MasterCard® Debit Card with CURewards™ to provide you with direct access to your funds at ATMs and merchants worldwide.

  • It’s FREE; there’s no annual or monthly fee.
  • It’s safer than cash and easier to use than checks.
  • Earn 1 CURewards™ point for every $2 you spend using your Debit Card to make swipe-and-sign purchases at participating merchants.
  • Use your Debit Card surcharge-free at ATMs where you see the CO-OP or CU$ logos.
  • Set your Debit Card up with Courtesy Pay Privilege Plus to avoid embarrassment when you’re at the register and don’t have enough funds to cover your purchase.
  • Need your Debit Card quickly? Stop by any branch and they can issue you a debit card on the spot.